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You don’t always have to finance a car or a house; often the purchase is just a small dream that the potential borrower wants to fulfill. Maybe a vacation? Or necessary purchases have to be made, such as a new washing machine or the repair of the car. Borrowers do not always need large amounts of funding. Those who only need a small loan amount will therefore primarily be looking for a small loan. See of critique.

Small loans – why unattractive terms prevail

Small loans - why unattractive terms prevail

Small loans are particularly popular with consumers. With small loans, it is possible to meet a low financing requirement without the borrower having to borrow too much. However, small loans are unattractive for banks. For this reason, there are not many banks that offer such products. And if the house bank or a well-known financial institution, which often have a dense branch network, offers this type of financing, relatively expensive and unattractive conditions are often offered. Cheap small loans are therefore primarily found in the area of ​​online and direct banks. These are often offered as loans without Credit Bureau.

Not every bank offers small loans

However, practice and comparison show that many small loans are significantly more expensive than those that are actually taken out over several years. However, this does not mean that there are no cheap small loans at all. It is important that the potential borrower uses the free comparison portals on the Internet and at the same time makes sure that he compares the decisive positions. Finding a small loan is relatively easy thanks to the World Wide Web. Even on the websites of the banks there are free loan calculators with which the small loan can be calculated in advance.

The comparison is worthwhile


Financing is already available, starting from 500 USD. Of course, the comparison shouldn’t just be aimed at the interest rate. The position of the total loan amount is to be compared primarily. Here the borrower realizes how expensive the financing is at the end of the term. Because some banks offer low interest rates, they charge high processing and ancillary fees or expensive account management fees, especially for small loans.

When making a comparison, the borrower should therefore compare the following positions:

  • the total loan amount or total credit charge
  • the amount of processing, incidental or account management fees
  • the amount of the interest rate
  • the monthly rate
  • the possibility of a free special repayment

What is a housewife loan?

What is a housewife loan?

Small loans are ideal for small purchases in the household, for unforeseen repairs on the car or even when the old television has had its day and a new device needs to be purchased. These are probably the reasons why small loans are often referred to as “housewife loans”. So if you don’t find anything under the search term “small loan”, you can also enter “housewife loan” in the search of the respective search engine. Maybe you can find offers here that really convince you?

How much should the loan amount be?

How much should the loan amount be?

Of course, the borrower should know in advance how high the sum should be or for what purchase the loan amount will be used. If you are unsure whether you can make do with the planned amount, you should better borrow a little more money. In the end, retrofitting or applications for additional payment often cost a lot of money, since various processing fees or other expenses are due here again. Of course, one should not take up such a large amount that is not needed at all. If the car repair costs just under 600 USD, the borrower should therefore not borrow more than 1,000 USD. Ultimately, this increase extends the term; this means that the interest is paid longer and the small loan can become significantly more expensive. For this reason, it is also advisable that the term of a small loan is kept relatively short.

The early special repayment

The early special repayment

If the customer has the option of opting for a variable or fixed interest rate, the first consideration should be to take a variable interest rate. This offers the advantage that early repayment or complete repayment is possible before the loan term expires. As a rule, this is not possible with fixed interest rates. However, if you are sure that you cannot repay the loan amount prematurely, you can also choose the fixed interest rate. This offers the advantage that the monthly charge does not change, but remains unchanged until the end of the term.

The overdraft facility

The overdraft facility

Many banks may offer a credit facility. In the end, this is nothing more than overdrafting the salary account. A straightforward solution for the bank. However, the account is not overdrawn. Such financing is significantly more expensive than small loans, so that the borrower saves a lot more money when applying for a small loan.

The conclusion

When looking for a small loan, it is particularly important that the total loan amount is compared. The borrower should also make sure that he does not choose a long term. Because the longer the term, the more expensive the small loan will be. If you cannot find the right offers at your house bank or well-known financial institutions, you can also ask online or direct banks for small loans. Many online banks have specialized in such money transactions and already offer financing from 500 USD.

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